Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oh hey there.

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I haven't forgotten about this blog. Yes, I check out all my favorite blogs every day on Blogger & feel real guilty that I've neglected my own.

Have I answered your questions? No. Well... I tried.

Any who. My excuses for no posting are the following:

Since my last post I have graduated college & moved 1200 miles from home to accept a teaching job in Arkansas.. yes Arkansas. I am teaching 5th & 6th grade art, as well as 1 kindergarten art class per day. More about my classroom, lessons, etc. later. For now, I shall tell you about other crazy life happenings... Mr. H & I have been wedding planning like chickens with our heads cut off. (Picture it.. you know you wanna.) We adopted a crazy little puppy & never fully unpacked from when we moved into our rental house.

Here's the little rascal.
Emerson - Named after the one and only Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of n\Mr. H's favorite writer.

Things are mad here every second of the day, but hey... I'd rather be overwhelmed then underwhelmed. I don't do well with boredom, it usually results in weird food concoctions & sewing mishaps.

So, lets talk teaching. Middle school kids are nuts! If I had a nickel for every student who told me their sick of going through puberty I'd be rich. I can't tell you how true Bill Cosby was with, "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Also, Kindergarteners have no filter.

Ex. "Hi, my name is Ms. Gladd and I'm going to be your art teacher. I come aaaaaall the way from Pennsylvania." A teenie tiny hand shoots up into the air, "YOU'RE FROM TRANSYLVANIA!" "No, I'm from Pennsylvania." "Did you get bit by a vampire on your face?", another Kindergartener asks. "Actually no, those are pimples... You'll know what those are in the future," I said. "Well, if you're from Transylvania than you're a vampire." Aaaand... I lost em, there was no coming back from that. All they wanted to do was ask THE most insane combinations of questions. There's no coming back from a vampire accusation.. Le sigh.

My first 2 quarters were pretty rough whilst I tried to get used to my room, the travel to the Kindergarten building, and living in extremely high temps. I'm finally getting the hang of everything and am pretty well adjusted to the weather. Of course, school is out in less than a month and I'll be happily back in Pennsylvania to marry the wonderful Mr. H & enjoy being around family.

Next year I will be moving up to 7th & 8th grade art. I will get a new, bigger room. This one even has a sink & storage!!! Seems crazy that I'm this excited... but my room is the size of a coat closet and I have no sink at all!
This is the water I fill up and use for projects:
It's a sad excuse for an art room, but this is my only option.
I just keep repeating, "I will have a sink next year. I will have a sink next year."

I will attempt to post more frequently, although the school year and my energy are dwindling at lightning speed.

Thanks for reading!
-Jane Gladys

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