Thursday, December 8, 2011

good luck gal

oh hi there!

yes, i know i promised to get better at this.. and well i haven't. but i'm working on it!

finals week is next week. i put on an art show for the 6-8th graders i help teach art to for an afterschool program and i have to help put on another one tonight, i have a portfolio due tomorrow for my art education class (that is barely started), i have final projects due monday and tuesday for my ceramics and metal casting classes, and a final thursday for my business class. oh, and did i mention i'm in a craft show saturday, for which i have lots and lots of work to do.

to say i am overwhelmed is a complete understatement.

on a better note i won something recently. yes, me.. the girl who never wins anything and has terrible luck! i'm the person who buys 20 lottery tickets (and wins $0.00), right before the person who buys one ticket and hits the jackpot, you're welcome! i won a gift card to Poshlocket and am now the proud owner of these two sets of gorgeous earrings:
Regina Shell Texture Earrings in Gold
Toni Icicle Earrings in Silver

i am super excited to get these babies in the mail! i hope you're all having just as much good luck as me.. if not more! i probably won't be back until after finals week so i'll see you in a week and a half!

-Amanda Jane

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