Thursday, November 17, 2011

on graduation and moving

   hello there lovelies! i promise i'll get better at writing everyday, classes are just getting overwhelming right now, mixed in with christmas coming up, and working on weekends, oh yea and the fact that i student teach next semester and then graduate! talk about stress! but, i'm trying to not let these things bug me, which is difficult at times. i've been in school for 4.5 years now.. i'm just ready to be done. even after i'm done, the stress doesn't end because then it's off into the real world to find a "grown-up" job. sigh. ok let's not talk about it anymore before i break down.

   ok.. so this pennsylvania weather is awful! one day it's 60 degrees and the next its snowing.. um hello mr. winter and mrs. fall, stop fighting let mr. winter win for once. i'm sick of the bickering and confusion. i love when it starts to get colder because i get to pack on more and more covers, more and more layers of clothing, and nala and mr. h like to get even cuddlier. it's my favorite! also, i get to drink more tea and coffee, and i get in the mood to bake lots too.

   something uber exciting is that mr. h is graduating in december at the end of the semester and he went yesterday to pick up his cap and gown and he looks adorable in it! i'm such a sap i teared up when he tried it on because i'm so so so proud of him and how hard he has been working. he had a permanent smile on his face as well because he couldn't believe he is almost done and graduating in a month. he's already applying for jobs in schools in pennsylvania and pretty much anywhere in the US. mr. h eventually wants to move to san francisco, ca but i'm not completely sold on that move yet. i've never been there and my view of california is not one i am fond of; a ridiculous amount of people everywhere... all the time, terrible traffic, long commutes, too close for comfort housing, and a super high cost of living. i know these all come from things i've heard and i need to do research before i believe them completely.

   i guess i have such a hard time thinking about moving to a big city is because i grew up in the woods. i was raised in a place where the forest was my playground, catching tadpoles, fish and bugs was a daily occurrence, and eating fruits and veggies right off the vine/tree/bush was normal. when i have children i want to raise them like i was raised. they'll learn about the natural environment by being in the middle of it, by experiencing what mud feels like between their toes, and what a bee sting feels like (no i will not chase my children around with a bee to make sure they know.. it will inevitably happen), and i want to be able to lay in our yard at night and teach them about the stars and the lighting bugs. these are the things i knew as a child, and i will always remember these things. i don't want to have to drive to a park to teach my children about trees, and grass, and bugs... these are things that should be available to them at all times. growing up tv was only an option when it was raining, or way too hot or cold to be outside.. we were allowed to get completely messy and we fell down and got hurt a lot.. but i was ok. my parents were always there to tell us we were fine and to get right back on our bikes and keep going... or take us to the hospital. haha i guess that's why i'm so tough when it comes to pain.. it doesn't hurt so much when you were raised to think it doesn't. i am so thankful my parents raised me the way they did. i know i wouldn't be as intelligent and outgoing if they had raised me another way. thanks mom and dad.. seriously you two are THE best parents a girl could as for. i will never forget my childhood and the smell of the kitchen while helping make apple pies from the apples off the apple tree in our backyard, or how i helped to build the porch with you, or all the little things you've both taught me throughout the years. i am truly grateful for you both.

   sorry for the sudden turn to sappy-ness, i've been in a sappy funk lately.. haha here's something to brighten your day -

my super cute cat, nala who turns 3 on monday!
hope you're having a great week!
   love, amanda jane

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