Friday, November 11, 2011

full moon hangover

   we finally got hit with some snow here in Erie, PA. there's just enough to stick but not enough to really interfere with my morning commute to work, which is only a 5 minute drive. i don't know about you but i absolutely despise driving in the snow.. i'm the girl that you assume is an 80 year old man or woman because of how slow and close to the steering wheel i am, then you pass me and realize i'm a 20-something girl who's just terrified. oh well, i'd rather tick a few people off and get to where i'm going in one piece.

   any-who, today was a ridiculously busy day at work. i don't know if it was because it's Veteran's Day or because people saw snow and thought CHRISTMAS!!!! LET'S GO SHOPPING! or if it was a combination of the two.. but man it was exhausting. also, the full moon last night seemed to roll over into today i swear.. like a full moon hangover.. and not the naked butt kind! bahaha..

   i really need to get me a pair of new slippers... mine just aren't warm enough. maybe i'll get some for Christmas, these ones are going on my wish list:
sherpa lined moccasins via Old Navy

or maybe i could con someone into making me these! via this free pattern        

   well, tonight i shall be having a few drinks with friends and maybe that will warm me up physically and emotionally (they are sure to make me laugh)! and possibly tomorrow i'll go out and buy myself a heated blanket (my cat just isn't cutting it).. those things are heaven on earth i swear!

hope you all have a happy friday full moon hangover!

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