Thursday, November 10, 2011

coffee vs. tea

well hello again!

   i'm super excited you're here and i'm happy to be here! as the weather's getting chillier i catch myself reaching for more coffee to keep my warm. do you ever grab some just to keep your hands warm? i'm a HUGE culprit of this. i'm glad i have Mr. H around who tries to keep me in check by telling me what a waste it is, and how ridiculously expensive coffee has gotten. to save his sanity maybe i'll make some cute little rice or stone hand warmers instead. i've found a few really cute ones on pinterest and around the world wide web:

via etsy


anyways.. back to the coffee thing. since i don't want to make batch after batch of coffee i've turned to making tea. i recently bought Lipton loose leaf black tea (my first ever batch of loose leaf) and two diffusers (just in case Mr. H fancies some tea as well). i seriously cannot get enough of the stuff!!! then, i went to my friend kristen's and her sister bought her some tea from Boston and it is to die for. it's got huge chunks of lemon and pomegranate.. i take my own diffuser when i go over.. do you think i have a problem? i have been searching and searching for a good place to buy loose leaf tea now.. with no luck. any suggestions?

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